Henry Warner Hip Resurfacing Week 12

This will likely be Henry Warner’s last posting on this topic.  I went to see Dr. Pritchett earlier this week for my three month check up.  He took an X-ray and said everything looked fine.  He said to come back in another year for my next checkup.  The bone has attached itself to the socket liner and he said I have no restrictions regarding anything I want to do physically.

My own assessment is that the operation has largely become a non-event.  I am biking and working out as forcefully as I was pre-operation, including squats and deadlifts.  I have absolutely no pain.  I do still have some tightness in the hip area when stretching my gluteous and my right hamstring is still tighter than it was pre-operation, but I am working through these by stretching.  Otherwise, I am nearly 100% fully recovered.  While I am not actively running for a workout, I have broken out into short jog-runs on several occasions, like when crossing a street or catching up with someone.  Nothing serious in terms of running, but everything felt good.

I will post again if there is any major turn of events, such as a setback or a negative development.  Otherwise, as of now, I consider the hip resurfacing operation to have been a fantastic success. If you are considering a hip replacement or resurfacing operation, feel free to contact me (Henry Warner) at the link above.

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