Henry Warner Hip Resurfacing Day 6

Day 6 was pretty much a repeat of Day 5, except that Henry Warner walked a bit further and rode his bicycle trainer a bit longer.

While I continue to be amazed at my progress to date, it is important to state that I don’t actually feel “good”.  I feel good considering.  Considering that 6 days ago I was sliced to the bone with a sharp knife that left me with an 8-inch wound.  Considering that my leg was separated from my torso like a turkey drumstick at Thanksgiving.  Considering that my muscles and ligaments were stretched to the point of leaving my hip hip area massively covered with bruises.  Considering that my hip socket bone was shaped and scraped to accept a new metal liner.  Considering that my femur was carved to accept the new metal cap.  You get the picture.

At this stage, I suppose an analogy is somewhat like a person who had a bad case of the flu.  You know – the kind that leaves you with a fever, stomach issues, aching all over and bedridden.  Once the the flue “breaks” and you start to recover, you feel much better than in the throes of the illness, but you don’t actually feel “good” yet.  You don’t feel like dancing or going for a long hike in those first few days of recovery.

Well, it’s somewhat similar with this operation.  I can tell that I am getting less sore and stronger each day, but I am a long way from actually feeling “good”.  I have a low to no level of pain while at rest or even walking, but it is painful if I over extend my range, for example, on some of my therapy exercises.  And even though I am not in pain most of the time, I am in major discomfort.  The entire incision area continues to itch.  My stomach is not yet completely settled, which I suspect is from the fact that I am still taking acetaminophen and aspirin twice a day.  Also my operated leg is still sore and tender in the hip and thigh areas.  My left elbow and arm are also somewhat sore from the crutch action on that side.

Also, it’s a  hassle just sleeping at night.  I have to keep two pillows between my knees and am having to sleep on either my back or my non-operated side.  I have been able to roll over onto my side without assistance since about Day 2, but it’s a bit of an operation.  I first get into bed (which itself is a bit of a challenge) and while lying on my back with my knees slightly bent, I work the two pillows between my legs.  Then I semi-sit up and more or less “lock” my two legs into a rigid unit, then flop my two legs over to the side in one quick motion that usually gets me close to a 90 degree rotation from where I started.  From the instructions given by Dr. Pritchett, it will be about six weeks before Henry Warner can relax and start normal range of motion activities.

I continue to have a positive attitude and I’m not at all depressed.  I know that it is just a matter of time before I feel like hopping on my bike to go for a ride – with the sun on my face and the wind whistling through my helmet.  I know I have to settle down, take it easy and “do my time” in the recuperation process.  The day will come, but it’s not today!


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