Jill and Henry Warner

Henry Warner is retired and lives on Bainbridge Island, WA with his accomplished, lovely and wonderful wife Jill.  Henry grew up in Kent, WA; graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Mechanical Engineering; then moved to Connecticut to work for United Technologies Corporation.  While in CT, Henry earned a MS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut.

After several years, Henry subsequently returned to the Seattle area and was hired by The Boeing Company where he initially worked as a software engineer before retiring from management in 2006.

In addition to his family, Henry’s interests are eclectic and numerous.  Henry is and/or has been a long time real estate investor, stock market investor, airplane pilot, triathlete, international traveler, internet entrepreneur, mountain-climber, marathon runner, motorcyclist, bicyclist, boater and beer brewer.  In the first several years of retirement, he built two waterfront houses on Bainbridge Island as a retirement project.  While at home, Henry may often be found on his Meridian 490 boat, his Indian motorcycle or one of his five bicycles.  In addition to English, Henry speaks French and Spanish.

Henry Warner has  two delightful, accomplished daughters: Lindsay and Christina.  Lindsay recently completed her residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston (her final year as chief resident) and is now working at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Christina is currently enrolled in her 4th year of medical school in Minneapolis.

Lindsay and Christina

Lindsay and Christina


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  1. Diane says:


    Your blogs are interesting and will be helpful in our travails along the canals of France.

    We winter on the Big Island of Hawaii for the last 10 years. Our friend, Dave, is a retired attorney for Boeing.

    My boyfriend is a retired judge and he is learning French while I am stumble over it. We volunteer at the annual beer festival and the Kona Ironman held each year.

    It’s telling that you are very proud of your children. They seem very happy in addition to their merits.

    I emailed you previously to see if you might know of where to purchase a bike to carry on our boat. We will use the boat for several months for the next two years. Your assistance is appreciated.


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